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The following is from The CrossFit Journal.

So I’m warming up at CrossFit New England and one of my fellow members comes up to me and says, “My doctor told me to stop CrossFit training. What do you think?”

The question caught me off guard and caused me to reflect about my opinions on CrossFit and what I have heard from other doctors over the past 20 years of my practice.

I am an orthopedic surgeon, and on days when I am seeing patients in my office, I get to hear why people made appointments to see me. They will relate the history of the pain in body parts—a shoulder for example. They will tell me how it started, how bad it is and what they have already done to treat it. Many will have seen other doctors already, and they’ll tell me about their visits and the advice that was given to them. I am writing this essay based on patients’ stories and what they have told me. Its purpose is to help CrossFit athletes sort through some of the advice they might have been given.

These are my opinions and should not be construed as medical advice.

Here are some of the quotes that I have heard:

“Never lift any weights over your head.”

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Coaches choice

For score:

“Partner up”

1 Round Cindy
10 Hang power cleans 95/135
10 FSQ 95/135
AMRAP 15 Minutes

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