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Our world is confusing.

At times it’s almost easy. Almost anything we could imagine, right at our fingertips. Food, shelter, information and more come with the click of a screen. But with that comes the noise. The incessant rumble of a world that never goes dark. Even adults have trouble blocking out. Can you imagine teen athletes? With school, endless obligation and the pressure to succeed, it’s a wonder they can ever find they’re way. With so many things competing for our attention, it’s a wonder any of us can.

The “Champion Mindset” is a five-day intensive camp for Teen athletes only. Athletes will spend two to three hours a day refining their mind as well as their body. Sure, strength and conditioning is part of it, a technique we can use to strength the spirit as well as the mind. But there’s so much more that sweat. 

The Champion Mindset at a glance:

-Define your three P’s
-Breath training
-Goal setting
-Mantra training
-Guest speakers

It doesn’t matter your sport or even if you have one. The Champion Mindest Teen Camp is open to everyone who wants to improve their mind for the long haul. No quick fixes, just time tested techniques we can apply when it matters most.

The Champion Mindset begins June 26, and runs through June 30, every day at 10 am. A day by day agenda will be sent a week before camp. Register now. Space is limited!





Coaches choice


“Partner up”

Minute 1: 5 Strict T2B + 3 Strict pull-ups
Minute 2: 9 Dips
Minute 3: Alt. Box Jumps 20/24

For time:

50 Db Snatch 35/55
50 Burpee
100 Doubles


Cossack Squat
Prayer twist from Lunge
4 Minutes

Post impression and one thing you were recognized for in high school; like sports, or most likely to succeed, or best first chair sax.


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