Jaime Holmquist

CrossFit is welcoming.

So welcoming, in fact, it freaks some people out. They start to believe all that hype about cults and dark sunglasses and poison Koolaid.

But we’re not hiding secrets or selling anything; we’re genuinely excited when someone gives CrossFit a try. We know how challenging that first step is and how scary it can be. We’re celebrating that. We’re happy for them.

Still, welcoming doesn’t mean reckless. CrossFit athletes pay their dues like anyone else, and it takes more than just showing up to become part of this community. It takes effort.

Most of us learn that effort one day at a time. We understand it like a puzzle coming together. We learn to love the worst of workouts in some symbolic, redefining way. A challenge we choose to attack every day. Others, however, like Jaime, seem to be all in from the start.

Long before Jaime arrived on our doorstep, she was emailing asking questions. A CrossFitter already, Jaime needed to know that when she moved, she had a place to go. Somewhere she could continue the journey she started one year ago. The one that’s helped her lose more than 50-pounds and gain a new perspective.

“In reality, all I see every day is how happy I’m becoming,” she said. “I call and talk to my friends and family about my successes and how proud I am of myself. I’m more interested in the lives of those I love because I am no longer comparing myself to them, and instead accepting and supporting them as individuals separate but intertwined with me. I absolutely love that I don’t doubt myself.”

Where others may have been timid, Jaime knuckled up. She took front and center in The Open, and if you had to give her a nickname, it would be “Warcry.” Beyond that, she did all the little things like working her weaknesses off the clock, show up on Sunday mornings and Friday nights, and cheer for the athletes training alongside her.

Jaime could’ve blended. She could’ve refused coaching and criticized her new home for not being like the old. Instead, she made her surroundings better by diving in. If she was afraid, if she ever is, no one can tell.

For this and more, we congratulate Jaime, May’s Practitioner of the Month!