Rachelle Miller

Most people think the workouts are the hard part.

They see CrossFit on TV and believe that’s what every CrossFitter does and looks like. They think “I could neve do that.” But TV CrossFit isn’t everyday CrossFit. It’s people that have jobs and families and obligations getting after it, so they feel and look better.

The hard part, every CrossFitter knows, happens just before the workout. That first day when you don’t know anybody or anything. That’s courage. And then coming back for more … wow! If you thought CrossFit Games athletes were brave, watch someone who hasn’t exercised for decades come in for the first time, then come back the very next day. Now that’s strength.

That was Rachelle a few short months ago. The new girl. The girl who didn’t know anything. The girl who had every reason to give up except one. The most important one. She wanted better.

Rachelle came back in a big way.

Today she’s more than 20-pounds lighter and moves the barbell like it’s her job. She even signs up for additional classes and helps hold her friends accountable.

“People underestimate the power of workouts on helping with mood and attitude,” she said recently.


That’s the CrossFit we know. Not the made for version, but the grassroots crowd we began a lifetime ago. It’s not a special club. It’s not just for fit people or the cool kids, either. CrossFit is for everyone. The ones like Rachelle, strong enough to take the first step, learned that quickly. And they’ve never looked back.

For that incredible courage and more, we congratulate Rachelle, April’s Practioner of the Month.