Sarah Karns

Everyone imagines something different about CrossFit.

Some believe all CrossFitters are Games athletes, climbing sixty-foot ropes with one hand and cleaning 450-pounds for reps. Others assume we’ve lost out minds; who would actually choose to push themselves like CrossFitters do? Whatever the case, reality says different. For good or bad, reality never equals imagination.

That’s when things get weird. We develop opinions based on BS. We create something from nothing and go from believing six impossible things before breakfast to accepting only what our eyes see. But some people, the ones like Sarah, do the one thing everyone else won’t. They try anyway.

That was six months ago.

Since, Sarah has learned a few things. For one, CrossFitters aren’t all Games athletes you see on TV. In fact, that’s less than one-percent. Most are people that wanna feel and look better. Second, CrossFit is hard as hell. Like really hard. But here’s the good part, it’s doable. Like, really doable. All you have to do is try. And third — this is the best thing and why CrossFit never stops working — it never gets any easier. Oh, we improve as athletes, but that just means we have more intensity to give. That’s how it should be. That’s what keeps us addicted. What keeps us coming back.

But that wasn’t enough for Sarah. When she saw others following in her footsteps, newbies all doe-eyed and timid, she rushed to their side. Now, she works with Practice CrossFit coaches as an intern, demonstrating technique and telling her story to everyone who will listen.

“Here’s to allowing myself grace and imperfection, while having the courage to keep going,” she said. “Here’s to the next challenge.”

For that, and a whole mess more, we congratulate Sarah, March’s Practitioner of the Month!

by: jb