Steve Dickerson

Some people need the spotlight. They need it the way fish need water.

Others, like Steve, are content with the shadows. He doesn’t care if you’re watching. He doesn’t need your approval or your accolades. He’s going to work because he said he was. Like it or not.

It’s not that the spotlight is corrupt. It can, in fact, be quite helpful and we all feel its warmth from time to time. The problem is when we crave it. When we need it to move in the slightest. When the shadows are no longer good enough, and we steal the spotlight from others. That’s when we lose. When we forget why we started and how this whole life thing works.

That’s when people like Steve help the most. When we’re wrapped up in the lights and show tunes, when we can’t help but feel lost in the applause and addicted to the encores, guys like Steve bring us back to earth. He makes us realize that our 15 minutes will pass soon enough, and the truly worthy won’t even notice. They were working long before the light, and they’ll be working long after.

For that and more, Steve is February’s Practitioner of the Month. Because he doesn’t need you or anyone to inspire or cheer. He appreciates it if you do — we all do — but celebrate or not, Steve works in the shadows. An athlete, light, or dark.

Good knowing ya, buddy!

by: jb