When your questioned about where you workout at, what do you say to explain CrossFit? Try some of these the next time someone asks.

-I train in a box. It has walls…sometimes. Sometimes we go outside. Sometimes we meet elsewhere. Its not the location I value, its the people.

-I train in an open space, because bars and my training partners fly everywhere. There is not equipment in the way, only my friends near me as we all struggle together, and are rewarded all the same.

-I train in a warehouse with no air conditioning and big garage doors. If you didn’t know where it was, you would never find it. There is no sign outside. The signs of training are all inside, working, or helping one another.

-I train where advertising is sacrilege. I train where I am a walking advertisement.

-I train with people I truly enjoy, and would do anything for, not where I need to put ear phones in to block out all the annoying banter. When we go, we hear yells, trainers instructing, or loud ass music making us go even harder…not elevator bullshit. Real music.

-I train in a place where if I am negative, I will be addressed by at least one person about my stupid ass attitude, and if I am unlucky enough on that day, I may be asked to leave, and come back when Im better, because I am effecting the core by my stupid ass baggage that is meant to be burned at the door.

-I train where if I want to keep my shirt on I can….but there are no rules saying I have to. Where I train if someone disrobes to any level, wears short ass shorts, or is quasi naked after a WOD thats fine…no attention will be paid, because its all about the training, not about meat markets. If you want a pick up joint, look elsewhere.

-I train where Im valued and truly appreciate for showing up and putting forth true, real, demanding effort.

-I train where I am judged on my movements and attitude everyday. Not because my friends are assholes, because they truly want to make me better at life, and want success for me not injury. A piss poor performance means someone will care enough to help me make it better, and find out why it happened to begin with.

-I train in a place void of gossip. Rumors are unwelcome at all times and if I was stupid enough to ever spout anything negative, or even just not positive about one of my training partners, or any other training location for that matter, I would be crucified on the spot, by any and all in ear shot. Drama queens are eaten alive where I train.

-I train where everyone applauds when I do well, and I applaud for them.

-I train where justification is lucifer, and honesty is gospel. For if I lie, I only fail myself.

-I train where I am confronted everyday by food Nazis who wont allow me to eat shit and call it gold. Where I train we call bad, bad, quality, quality and everything in between sub-par. Where I train life happens, the difference is, here I have to confront my downfalls and improve not hide them away for tomorrow.

-I train to be better at life. The unknown and unknowable. To one day be able to help someone less fortunate than I. To be able to be moving on my own when I’m old and gray, not being moved.

-I train because I want the mirror to be an outward reflection of how I feel inside, which is pretty damn good, and I want it to stay that way.

-I train because laziness sickens me, and preventable disease is exactly that…preventable through effort, not medication.

-I train to be different than those before me. To go out swinging, not resting. To live valiantly, not cowardly.

-I train where the floor could double as a pool at times because people actually work hard. I don’t care, that’s how it should be.

-I train with football players, grandmas, kids, housewives, doctors.

 -I train with people of every walk of life, and if I cared about status…someone would make me leave.

-I train where education daily is paramount, and if I’m not a constant student, I will fail quickly.

-I train where we are all equal, because we truly are. The only thing that separates people is the attitude to believe this is true or not. The ones who believe they are better than others, are so much better….they aren’t allowed to train with me.

-I train with people that make my day better.

-I train in a place where I want to be, not a place I feel I have to be.

-I train under expectations. Expectations to be better than yesterday.

-I train in a community dedicated to the whole. The success of the many. this is the reason we all change and progress so fast. Where I train its not about “I”….its about “us”

I train….what the hell do you.

*Post what you notice about where you train!




10-Knees to elbows

15-Push Press 65/95

20-Jump Squats


15-Knees to elbows

20-Push Press 65/95

25-Jump Squat

400m Run

20-Knees to elbows

25-Push Press 65/95

30-Jump Squat

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  1. Amelia says

    JB, love this post! And I certainly say some of these things when people ask why in the world we drive to Troy when we have 3 CF affiliates closer and one is TOTALLY FREE! All the above apply and that is why. Number one answer is people, community and quality of training! We are thankful everyday for our PCF family!!!

  2. Min says

    I train where bleeding and sweating on the equipment is not only ok, but expected.
    I train where sometimes entering those four walls is the best part of my day and I’m guaranteed to be genuinely greeted by several people within seconds of walking through the door.
    I train where the people I workout next to are also the people I prefer to spend my free time and weekends with. 90% of the text messages in my phone are from them.

  3. Shelly says

    What an awesome post! I will say this…I have said for YEARS that there is a fit and healthy woman inside of me, and that she would be making her debut shortly. Mainly because I have had a craving for fitness, just not the motivation to sustain it. After watching the changes in my sister, Betsy, and some nudging from others, I took the GIANT step of walking through the doors of PCF May 3rd of this year. I can honestly say it is the best personal decision I have ever made.
    The confidence building that I receive each and every 5am WKO is unmatched. JB and co. …PCF is changing my life, it is the people, atmosphere, education, expectations, integrity, and inclusiveness of everyone involved that makes PCF truly a one of a kind place to be a part of.
    I train where I came in feeling like a girl who had put herself on the backburner for way to long…and now feel like I can (and will) conquer ANYTHING!!! 🙂

  4. says

    Awesome comments. Thanks you. That is exactly what I mean by not for “I”, but for others. You get the benifet for doing it, and speaking about it like this gives someone somewhere the confidence, strength, or virtue to try all there own. You never know how words like that can help others..
    Thanks a ton for offering that up…now we need Joel:)

  5. HeatherT says

    I train where ANYONE of any size, shape, ability, age, handicap, (whatever) who walks through the door is embraced, encouraged, and empowered. I truly believe that anyone can do CrossFit and tell people this. Of course most people look at me like I’m crazy but that’s ok. If my story of where I started in CrossFit and where I am now encourages just one person to a higher level of fitness and health, then its worth being called crazy.
    I train where people matter.
    Awesome post jb!

  6. says

    Shelly- I’m so proud of you girl! I can’t wait for the next chapter in your life because you are finally writing your own book.

  7. Angela says

    28 something. thanks lisa and catherine for running with me!
    Melissa-have a good time on your vacation (you will be the hottest mom there:)

  8. runmelrun says

    I train where I can be just as excited when someone else gets their first pullup/pushup/lap around the block/etc. as when I got mine!
    I train where 10 women can get together at 5am and laugh and have fun while improving their lives.
    I train where it is more important to finish Murph than to shake my VP’s hand later that day!
    I train where I believe everyone wants to see everyone else do their best.
    I train where I know if I need something, there will be people lined up to do what they can.
    Walters and I celebrate 2 years at PCF the end of this month!

  9. JCoby says

    I train where finishing first means I get the reward of encouraging the rest of the family while they gut it out, and thats better than any pr.

  10. Keisha says

    65 lbs Push press
    Thanks 5 a.m. Class for the push and motivation to get through the workout today, you guys are AWESOME!!!

  11. Marc says

    I train because I’ve changed and I like what I see.
    I train at PCF because everyone knows your name and it not a bar.
    I train because I can forget about the rest of the day for 1 hour.
    I train because I am doing things I have never done before.
    I train because I like to eat.
    I train becuase of the competition and motiviation I get from others.
    I train to be challenged.
    I train to be tired and I train to get energy.
    I train to eliminate excuses.
    I train to explain/show what burpees and turkish get ups are at parties.
    Thanks for all the direction JB and Ry.

  12. stacy says

    My gym “box” is a place where people push me to be better than our best, because often we dont realize what our best can be!
    My gym is hip, it’s fun, it is cutting edge and cool. We are ahead of the fitness game, smarter, faster and stronger because food is fuel but friends fill you up like nothing else can.
    My gym has the coolest people, every walk of life, all with one purpose, fullfillment.
    Loved reading these post, keep them coming. tomorrow i am sending this to all my friends who have ever doubted coming to The Practice, i encourage you to do the same…what a message!

  13. Amelia says

    35:45 NO M!!!! whoo hoo! Thanks as usual to the noon crowd for encouragement and patience as I gutted it out! 🙂 You all are GREAT!!!!
    21:40 for Kerry. He can’t access the site from the base 🙁 He did great but was bummed not to beat JC 😉 He’s after you Justin!!! lol!
    Love everyone’s comments. They are all so very very true. I am also going to copy them and share them with people when they ask! 🙂

  14. stacy says

    Nice work Amelia!!! no M that is super cool and awesome!!!!!! although, M’s are cool, that is accomplishment!

  15. Dave says

    24:25(m) 75# PP
    Ash I enjoyed this one too. After it was done.
    Nice race Jen. That was fun knowing you were on my heels the whole way. I couldn’t let myself back off. We beat our initial goal of 25 and only 1:30 short of 23.
    Austin way to gut it out at the end. Good work tonight.
    Ken…damn man! You’ve been turning up the heat lately, my friend. It’s inspiring to watch you work.

  16. Angie Peltier says

    I train in the coolest gym anywhere. Where we all encourage one another and celebrate each and every victory. I train in a gym where slacking or being negative is unacceptable. I train in a gym where the trainers believe in me….NO MATTER WHAT. I train with men and woman of all walks of life. I train with people who need me and I them. I train in a gym that encloses so many great friends. I train in a gym where chix SPIT!!! That’s AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  17. Randy Dohme says

    To all PCF’ers. As I near my comeback debut to the workout world, one year after my accident I am worried that I will not be able to come all the way back physically. But this I know, if I can’t “get back” with the system and the people PCF has; firstly I don’t want anywhere else; second, Life without Practice is like a day without sunshine….DULL and BORING!!!!! Thanks for keeping me Hungry to be with the best from the trainers all the way to each and every member….. P.S. Benny and Scott, I am almost ready. See ya soon.

  18. Jessi says

    As a play on this one: “I train in a place where I want to be, not a place I feel I have to be.”
    I came up with this:
    I train where I belong as a part of a greater whole, not a place I lift at and leave.
    CrossFit is truly a family!

  19. trish says

    I train because of what i dont want to become.
    I train because I am in control.
    I train because I can and I can because I train.
    I train because I love it-
    Crossfit is my drug of choice.

  20. says

    I train in a gym where I’m the only girl and the only English speaker. I train where words don’t matter and actions do. I train because I love my body and it deserves the best. Full stop.

  21. Nichele Hoskins says

    Hey! I work out in Alabama. Is it OK for me to offer a post? Here goes:
    I train at a place I call Fight Club, even though mentioning it breaks the first rule of Fight Club.
    I train in a spot I refer to as “The Pit.”
    I train because after decades of teaching Spinning classes, I realized that although my heart was fairly strong, I had only developed a single skill: riding a bike that goes nowhere.
    I train because now I can’t freakin’ stay away.
    I train to prove to myself that after one divorce and three heart attacks I make this sh*t look good.
    I train for the post-workout endorphin flood that leaves me sweaty and serene, and sometimes ready to fight somebody, if only I had the energy.
    I train because by about 30 minutes, it’s usually over.
    I train to marvel at the quantity of sweat my body can produce.
    I train in a way that capitalizes on each person’s strengths and lays bare their weaknesses, physical and mental.
    I train where people shout encouragement at you when the weight looks the heaviest and the WOD feels toughest.
    I train to keep getting results I can see and feel.
    I train because CrossFit is a process, not a slim-down-in-X-number-of-days approach.

  22. nj says

    i train where treadmills have crosswalks, where weight machines have heartbeats, where the mirror is a clock and where i may be sweating bleeding and nauseous but i am not under the weather, i am over indulging. i am crossfit.

  23. says

    I love your words, nj!!
    I train at Practice.
    Where I train there are no prejudices only expectations.
    An expectation that when you enter you will lay your heart and body on the line. Those around you are desperately needing you to work your hardest that day, so that their negative voices telling them they can’t, will quiet down. So that the screaming of their minds with anxiety or stress can be quelled for that hour.
    Where I train our community embraces pain. We embrace growth that comes thru pain. Our community understands the longer we live in it the better people we emerge on the other side.
    Where I train the sounds of pain are harmonious, are rythmic and natural and healing to each ones soul.
    Where I train has become the place I can put myself at the feet of Jesus as a warrior and ask that He strip away something else that is not pleasing to Him.
    Thanks HQ for posting this to the main site! Wow, how crossfit can be used to change the world!!

  24. Melissa McC says

    I train where I am held accountable to do (not try) my best.
    I train where if I’m not there for a few days, I get an e-mail asking where I am and if all is ok.
    Where I train, there are days that I think that the WOD was the hardest workout I’ve ever done……….. then I go back for more the next day and the next and the next:)
    I train where I train to keep my sanity.
    I train where I train even if I have a bum knee and a broken wrist and still feel like I’ve accomplished something – thanks JB and RV!

  25. Craig Boulay says

    I train at a place where the women are stronger than the men at any globo gym and they inspire me.
    I train with people who make me better on every level, physically, mentally, emotionally.
    I train to not suck at life.
    I train where mailing it in, and quitting are never an option. That I am not only expected to give my best but I am called out if I do not.

  26. heather says

    I train where doing 300+ reps in 15min or less is not only normal but expected.
    I train where I get to run carrying a sandbag, throw weighted balls 20 feet in the air and flip tractor tires.
    I train where I am filthy when the WOD is over and then proud to walk into the grocery looking and smelling like something out of a sewer because I just trained.
    I train where every WOD is a battle and before 3, 2, 1 GO I look around at my friends prepare to give it my best because I know they will and I don’t want to let them down.

  27. MM says

    I train because I’m a 44 yo mom of 3 active boys who enjoy dirtbiking, quads, football, basketball, skiing, knee and wake boarding etc. and I ALWAYS want to be able to do it all with them…MM

  28. Melinda at CrossFit Persevere says

    I train because I refuse to accept the mainstream image of a 40 something housewife, ‘metabolism changes, nothing you can do when that happens, blah blah blah’. Ah, yes there is something you can do… train hard, max effort, burn fat, stress, calories and do not accept mediocre in your fitness or the food you eat. I train in a place where there is ALWAYS a word of encouragement and people take pride in other’s accomplishments not just their own.

  29. Amy says

    I train at a place I am respected and pushed further than I thought I would be able to go. I am almost 75 pounds overweight (have lost 30 since training began 1 year ago) and NEVER once have I been made to feel inferior! I had a conversation with my trainer this week about the “old days” of barely completing 5 pushups before my arms were dead. I am doing multiple sets of 20 now. Yes, they still hurt, but never did I think that I would get to this point. My trainer – and the whole “family” where I train – push me and have taught me that the only limits I have are the ones I set myself. I train because it has given me the confidence to be stronger in ALL areas of my life.

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