Can I CrossFit?

YES! I have yet to meet the individual incapable of CrossFitting at some level. The program differs by degree not scope. The difference is that the Grandma CrossFitter may be trying to prevent osteoporosis by lifting a dowel rod while the firefighting CrossFitter may be preparing his body to get in and out of the next burning building as fast as possible. Either way, the magic is in the movements. Individuals who choose not to take part in CrossFit do so for just that reason “choice“ not inability.

Don't I need to be in shape first?

NO! You may very well be fit, but that does not equal CrossFit. Start at your own pace; at your level of fitness today. Your trainers will help you achieve the level of health you wish to attain.

How do I know if Practice CrossFit's right for me?

Great question. And one we want to be sure every prospective member is crystal clear about the answer to. At PCF, it’s all about creating a community of hard workers who actively dedicated to the success of themselves and others – in fitness and all other aspects of life. In short, we live by the mantra, “That which challenges you and makes you accountable makes you better.” Rest assured that at PCF you will be challenged and accountable every day you’re with us.

Neither CrossFit nor PCF are for everyone, and that’s ok. Want a quick gut check about whether or not they’re a fit for you? Take a hard, honest read of the five things you can count on every time you walk through our door.

To be held accountable: This isn’t a contractual membership at a local “Gym” where it doesn’t matter if you actually, show up so long as your monthly dues payment clears. This goes for workouts, your diet and even the attitude you bring with you to class. If you’re not committed to being better than you were yesterday…if whining, complaining and passing blame are character traits you possess. if you can’t suck up a crappy mood for 20 minutes each day to help others through a tough workout, keep your money and save us the time.
To sweat and get dirty: We’re not talking pat-your-forehead-with-a-gym-towel sweat. We mean hope-you-have-nowhere-special-to-be-after-class and leave-your-body imprint-on-the-mat-when-you’re-done sweat. It’s likely you’ll work harder than you ever have before with CrossFit, and your body will let you know it (sweating’s a good thing, by the way). For that reason, dressing for success means wearing something you don’t mind ruining. If that’s totally unappealing to you, stop reading now.
To be uncomfortable: Ever try to learn a new language? Frustrating as hell, right? CrossFit is a new language for you body, mind and soul. You can count on trying things that feel weird, looking a bit odd when you do them for the first time (and maybe even the fourth or fifth time), and waking up the next day sore in places you didn’t know you had muscle. CrossFitters are willing to test themselves because they know that the long-term reward is greater than the pain. If instant gratification is your game, then CrossFit isn’t.
To consistently do it differently: Routine is the enemy when it comes to fitness. At PCF, the only thing you can count on is a daily workout of constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movements. There’ll be no upper or lower weight training days to get used to, no regular cardio schedules, and no chance to opt out of a movement or exercise simply because you don’t wanna do it. If you’re not up for learning new things and the occasional not-so-pleasant experience that sometimes comes with that, move on.
To coach and be coached: Even something as simple as a squat has proper form associated with it, especially when you’re using weight with it. You have the luxury of near-personal training each time you set foot in PCF, and with that comes continuous feedback about what works and what doesn’ work about your performance. If you can’t take correction, PCF isn’t the place for you. At the same time, as you become more proficient at the movements and improve your workout times it’s your turn to spend time pushing and encouraging others who are still learning. No. You’re not the expert, but your are a member of the PCF family and that’s what family does for one another.
Any of these expectations make you furrow your brow? You know who you are deep down. Be sure about what you’re signing up for. And if, by chance, you think you might be one of the few folks in this world who aren’t even aware that they need something like this in their lives, or who don’t have a clue about what they’re capable of achieving…come on in. The PCF team’s waiting to help you find out.

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is an expression of functional movement performed at the utmost intensity in a variety of formats, modes, and times. CrossFit incorporates gymnastics, weightlifting, running, jumping, throwing, and everything in-between to make you better at life. Still kinda vague, huh?

What's the difference between Aplha and Bravo class


Rookie CrossFit athletes begin here, but many veterans live here. If you need extra time to warm-up, to get mobile, to become active, this is for you. If you struggle with grasping many CrossFit movements, but still want all the intensity, Bravo is it.


Alpha has all the same movements as Bravo: snatch, pull-ups, push-ups, squats and more. The only difference is pace. Alpha athletes have been CrossFitting long enough to be very comfortable hopping from movement to movement quickly, with fast paced instruction and less warm-up time. Both programs have the same intensity, Alpha, simply has more breadth and depth of movements and requires the athlete to be on it every second of the hour.

Will I work with a trainer every time?

YES! That’s what we do. Constant, repetitive tutorials to ensure proper movement patterns, and the fastest possible results without sacrificing your body. You will be observed during each and every session, whether on your own or in a group, to ensure you are making good progress toward achieving your individual fitness goals.