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My friend Steve travels all over the world for business. He’s been to more than 50 CrossFit affiliates and manages to keep his diet clean most of the time. Here’s what he recommends.

What do you eat on the plane?

If I am stuck on a 15-hour flight and have not planned ahead, I could be screwed. Same thing if I get to my hotel late at night. That said, you can always find packaged nuts and beef jerky at any airport convenience store. I try to keep these in my briefcase on any flight that I take.

What do you eat once you’ve arrived?

I am on the company dime, so I can grab a rib-eye and a sweet potato and be good to go. Also, eggs and bacon are usually readily available. Asia is “pork central” so you can have a protein heavy meal at any time.

Name one lifesaver?

One thing that really helps me if I’m stuck is Club Soda or any Sparkling Water. You can usually find these on any flight. It helps take the edge off cravings, especially sugar. I think the carbonation somehow tricks my brain into thinking I’m having a soft drink. Another benefit is that it will settle my stomach if I’m nauseous or not feeling well. Along the same lines, I also try to travel with Emergen-C vitamin powder.

What if work means taking clients to fancy dinners?

In that situation, there can be pressure to have a drink, dessert or something else that you would otherwise avoid. But, if I am up-front about my meal plan with my clients, they are usually very supportive. I think the danger is when you don’t tell people what you are doing. It adds to the pressure. If you invite them into your world and tell them your goals, it clears the air. Also, at least for me, once you have vocalized your goals, it becomes easier to commit to them.




Coaches choice

For score:

Min One: 2 Power snatch (Work up)
Min Two: 10 Burpee
Min Three: Max rep Double under
8 Rounds


Bird Dog
Child’s pose
AMRAP 5 Minutes
*Hold each position for four breaths.

Post impression and favorite condiment to comments.


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