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CrossFit is hard enough without doing it pregnant.

Thankfully, we’ve found a way to keep fit moms moving, even when they think they can’t. With thoughtful and specific modifications like those below, expecting mothers can join in like always. Click here for Coach Mindy’s video journey and tons of other info.

During 2nd and 3rd trimesters, consider these substitutions or adjustments:

Instead of…. Try This…
Sit ups and V-up Plank holds, plate drags, knee raises from while doing ring holds
Rope climb Pull ups, burpee pull ups, climb rope from laying-down position to standing
Box Jump Step Ups
Squatting Due to ligaments becoming loose, squatting deep might start to feel unstable. If this is the case, opt for stopping at parallel, or simply subbing air squats for weighted squats. Going below parallel is fine and even encouraged until it is uncomfortable for you, as it will actually help you in labor. *Lunges can also be substituted
Olympic movements: Clean and snatch Pull from hang position to keep the bar under control, eliminate full squat snatch/clean and opt for power lifts if balance is an issue. As belly gets bigger, one arm snatches with a dumbbell may be more comfortable
Deadlift Sumo deadlift with a wider stance
HSPU Strict press
Pull up Banded pull ups, strict pull ups, bent over row, ring row
Burpees and push up Squat thrusts, push ups on paralettes, box, or wall
Running, double unders Row, bike, mountain climbers
K2E, T2B Knee raises hanging from bar or using the rings
Usually short, intense benchmark workouts Longer, paced amraps





Coaches choice

For time:

400m Run
500m Row
20 Hang squat cleans 65/95
20 Push-ups
3 Rounds


Dog and Cat
*5 Minutes, four breaths at each position

Post impression and favorite thing to eat cold, that is traditionally hot, to comments.


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