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At 17 years old, Presley has competed in numerous CrossFit throwdowns, and recently competed in her third Olympic lifting meet. In the video above, she discusses the differences between training for a CrossFit competition versus an Oly meet, what she prefers, and how it altered her training schedule.

Presley has been a shining example of what can be accomplished with hard work and focus. Congrats on the PR, Pres!


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  1. Andy says

    Mike! Thanks so much for this 16 day workout. Its exatcly what I was looking for and exatcly waht I needed to get my self in gear. I’ve been putting off getting healthy for a long time. I’m done with the excuses. Thanks for taking the time to do this. I started on August 1st. I created a blog to chronicle my journey to become fit and eventually run the Spartan Death Race. Thats a long way down the road but is in my sights. Thank you , thank you.

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