Practice CrossFit’s BACK AT THE RANCH brings CrossFitters back to the dirt
from which it came…a little bit of Aromas in Ohio.

In 2011 we began something special with a fitness challenge for charity. Since then it’s grown dramatically and we plan on increasing that momentum September 7, 2013.

Hope for Cures is a CrossFit initiative that is working to find cures for catastrophic children’s illnesses. As an affiliate, we are that initiative.

Teams and individual competitors are invited to compete in a one day event for a cause September 7, 2013. Sponsors are encouraged to give generously. The proceeds will go to “Hope for Cures.” 

Competitors carried bags of ice through the forest in 2011. Teams carried each other. All proceeds went to charity. Last year, over 200 competitors flooded the field. They threw axes, lugged huge slosh pipes and climbed a 20-foot rope dangling from a crane out of a pond. We raised more money, we gave it all away.

We plan to make 2013, our best year yet. Sign up, have fun, and help us make a difference for sick kids in need.