When You Weren’t Looking: Nikki

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When a friend invited Nikki to give CrossFit a try, she reluctantly accepted. She still remembers her first day.

“I stopped in during a Friday night class- to get info- and I just remember seeing all these people on the rig doing pull-ups and thinking ‘no way I could ever do that,’” she said.

That was three years ago and look at her now. She’s competed in several physique shows, multiple Worldwide CrossFit Opens and more local throw-downs than I can count. She said mostly, she¬†loves the honest friends who keep her accountable, and the ability to be an athlete again.

If Nikki had given into her fear that first Friday, she may have never realized just how strong she is.



Coaches choice


“Weightlifting Wednesday”

Snatch (stall at knee)+Hang snatch (p1)
*Work for 15 Minutes

Power Clean and push jerk
*Work up for 15 Minutes


30-Second hollow hold
30-Second Superman
10 Rounds


Snatch grip push jerk from behind the neck
*Work up for 15 minutes.

Back squat
3×5 @ 65%

Level 1


Coaches choice



For score:

1-Minute Handstand hold
1-Minute Double unders
1-Minute Air squat
4 Rounds


*Practice something you suck at for 10 minutes.

Post impression and animal at the zoo you like to see most.


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15 Responses to “When You Weren’t Looking: Nikki”

  1. Krissy says:

    Love this woman for everything she is and everything she’s helped me become!!! I would be lost without her!!! Love you, Bestie!!! <3

    Some tweaking to my start position and my hang position and my snatches feel completely different! Thanks, jb!!!

    95 / 135

  2. Nikki j says:

    Wow, 3 years has flown by!!! Really neat to reflect!! I’m so blessed & grateful for everything Crossfit & PCF has taught me and contributed to my life!! Hoping I can help others find that same blessing!! :).

    • Michelle says:

      You mean you don’t want to go back to running millions of miles during the wee hours in rain sleet & snow?!…spotting rodents & beady-eyed animals in the darkness?

  3. Michelle says:

    65/105 – Penguins & the little Monkeys that run around crazy playing like siblings

  4. Julie says:


    I can watch the Gorillas for hours

  5. Pres says:


    I love the sea otters :) they are so cute!! And I love penguins!

  6. kara foster says:

    I kinda dig the small noon classes – especially on skill days – ‘cuz there’s time to really nitpick. Three very different lifters today – Shelby, Jeff and Pres – and much to be learned through their individual movements. Pres – deeper in her PJ catch. Jeff – much better shoulder position through each phase of the pull. Shelby – landing where you started when you let that long body get true extension. Thanks ladies for staying for that TOUGH auxiliary. We know Jeff’s saving it for quality time this evening. ;)

  7. Ashlee says:

    95 PR/125 PR

    Nikki has been such a role model and inspiration to me and so many others. Glad to have her :)
    As for zoo animals, giraffes are definitely my favorite!!

  8. Mo says:


    Fun partnering with Min tonight!

    Nikki, Whew! Your strength is unreal. You keep us all pushing ourselves trying to keep up!

    As for animals, I love all of the above mentioned! My least favorite would be the reptiles and birds.

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