Leaving Home

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I left my brother’s home to save my dog and our relationship.

Neither one of us respected each other anymore and being who I am, I needed to pull back before I decorated the walls with his teeth. Walls made in the 50s out of steel that let you hang pictures with magnets and move them in an instant; tucked securely in a neighborhood on my favorite street in the town I grew up in. A wide and slightly winding road that local elementary schools use as part of a historical field trip, overgrown with maple’s and oaks that stretch to the moon and back, casting shadows like clouds and creating a dome that echoed safety and sung delicately: “Home.”

Wearing out your welcome is like wearing out a pair of jeans.

A few holes is fine, even preferred, but once the crotch is gone you better pitch em’, otherwise every time you wear them, all anyone can think of is “what an ass.” I supported my brother while he finished college and he supported my when I started CrossFit. If it was a transaction, you could say we were even. As children we defined ourselves early and well; him the boy that would become a great father and husband, me lucky to avoid prison. You can always tell the ones, like my brother, who’ll be great family men from the ones, like me, who won’t. Some people can just cook, others burn toast.

From the white picket fence that fell at the kiss of a breeze, to the scorching porch that doubled as a first story roof, I adored everything about that little sky blue house. Leaving it was grueling, but it was worth it.

My dog, the one I loved more than any home and most humans, died a year later. Leaving bought me a year’s worth of walks in the country and cleaning his drool when I made dinner. Missing my metal mansion on my favorite street makes me despise the place I live now more by the day, but I’m thankful I have somewhere to sleep that’s not the ground, and most importantly, I still have a relationship with my brother that could have ended if I wasn’t willing to make the hard choice.

The best decisions are the hardest to make and the most painful to follow through with. We don’t appreciate them until much later, when we’re different people who value others more than things.



Coaches choice


Front Squat
*Work up to a heavy single in 15 minutes.
Compare here

For score:

12-CB pull-ups
18-Swings 35/55
AMRAP 15 minutes


5-Strict HSPU
4 Rounds


Power snatch
*Work up for 12 minutes

Power clean
*Work up for 12 minutes

Level 1


Coaches choice


Overhead squat

For time:

15-Box jumps
4 Rounds


Tabata L-sit

Post impression and  if you believe in ghosts or not, and why, to comments.


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14 Responses to “Leaving Home”

  1. Shorty says:

    -/4 + 4rx

  2. chas says:

    5am hit their Pr’s on Front Squat then killed Helen on steroids :)

  3. Michelle says:

    185PR / 4

    No. Ben’s got some pretty convincing stories, but I’ve never been a believer.

  4. Krissy says:

    215PR / 2+13RX+ (55# KB)

    Totally a believer!!! I think my great-grandmother came to visit Hailey when she was only a few weeks old. Heard her talking over the baby monitor!

  5. kara foster says:

    Kauflin’s and Colleen for 6a! Nice surprise AND all three PR-ed. Others due a high five include: Di, Jaclyn (who shoulda put 5lbs more on the bar insteada lifting it twice!), and Vickster (that prolo’s workin on that knee!).

    Lots of work to stay tight under the bar for C2B, and some good ah-ha moments about body position during strict HSPU work.

  6. Julie says:

    145 pr / 3 + 23 rx

    Yes but I believe in spirit guides and guardian angels more.

  7. Ashlee says:

    155# PR/ 3 (45# KB)

    I try not believe (because it scares me to death) but I can’t help that I do! Someone disbunk me!!

  8. Karr says:

    I want to see my Mother’s spirit/ghost…and I wouldn’t be afraid. But I’ve never seen anything…but I’ve heard whispering when I’ve been by myself.

  9. Mo says:


  10. Sandy says:

    No FS or run thanks to a bum knee.

    3+1 (sled push instead of run)

    I don’t want to believe in ghosts because the thought freaks me out, but without them I can’t explain activity that happened at my first house.

  11. Pres says:

    175PR… I have more in me!!!

    3rx what a wod full of goats for me! Still fun though with awesome people. Thanks Coach!!!

    And yes about the ghosts thing. I like to think so bc whenever I pass I would like for all my loved ones to know that I am watching over them :)

  12. JPrice says:

    20:31Rx – By far one of the worst performances i’ve had, felt pukie 30 seconds into round 1, however Chris helped me push thru. Thanks Chris!!

    Yes I believe in ghosts – personal experiences.

  13. Jerry says:

    195# FS PR by 20#’s

    3 rx

    Great 5:30 class, open and L1, lots of positive energy. Great to be back.

    Auxilliary was tough. But it’s supposed to be, RIGHT?

    Thanks Chas!

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