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My friend has a black tank that reads “Better Than Yesterday” in big yellow letters.

I hate it.

We weren’t created for better than yesterday tanks and slogans that lose their meaning the moment they become advertising. We’re all made with a singular purpose, personal and universal alike: We’re made to be “The Best We Can Be.”

There’s nothing wrong with celebrating the little things on the way to the big ones. But there’s nothing right with stopping short of our full potential because we’re slightly less inferior than the day before.

When the difficulty of reaching our full potential hits like a hurricane, we can find something to feel good about, make a t-shirt and Facebook post, and watch the life we were born to lead fade. Or, we can take the smallest opportunity and transform it into our boldest triumph.



Coaches choice


“Weightlifting Wednesday”

Snatch Balance
*Work up for 10 Minutes

Hang snatch
*Work up for 10 minutes

*Work up for 12 minutes


Back Squat


20 second L-sit
7 Rounds

Level 1


Coaches choice



For score:

10-Front squats
AMRAP 9 minutes


Ankle mobility.

Post impressions and the thing you forget most (keys, birthdays and so on) to comments.


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11 Responses to “Created For More”

  1. Jen w says:

    95 / 105 / 150PR
    Wt lifting Wednesday trainer Tyler is the bomb!

  2. Julie says:

    95 PR / 75 / 125 PR

    My list has gotten longer of the things I forget. These days it usually has to do with rounds and reps.

  3. Min says:

    95-115-155, all post baby bests

    I often forget to move laundry from washer to dryer, or to get clothes out of the dryer until I need something that’s in there.

  4. Sam says:

    “Slightly less inferior than the preceding diurnal period” would look great in yellow letters on a black shirt!

  5. CindyLou says:

    I forget to post my scores here on the blog……
    alllllll the time.

    Read it.
    Post my comments about said blog/WOD/question.
    Never come back and post scores.

  6. Krissy says:

    Decided to go to 6am today…didn’t go so well :(

    105 / 125 / 145

    I seem to forget to do things I’m supposed to do. It drives Brian crazy!

  7. Holly P says:

    135/135/195 pr

    I forget a lot of things especially in the morning before coffee….. Once I waited in the school drop off car line for about 15 min only to forget to drop Alivia off at the door. Pulled away from the school and drove a good 2 minutes before I realized she was still in the back seat. Oops!

  8. Pres says:


    Jerk technique today was not something to be proud of… But finally PR’d after being stuck at 155.

    I leave my work stuff in my car. (Towels, pool shirts, fanny pack,etc.)

  9. JPrice says:


    I always forget trash night… oh wait… tonight is trash night!

  10. Michelle says:

    Everything. I’m a slave to lists.

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