Coach or Babysitter?

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I’ve been coaching athletes long enough to bleed chalk and scream “chest up” in my nightmares. I’ve learned that crushing with corrections is worthless, people aren’t perfect like programs on paper, and coaches aren’t babysitters.

Coaches pull athletes from the floor when they’ve given their all. A babysitter gathers the pieces of a shattered child, pouting after things didn’t go their way.

A coach isn’t your therapist, comedian or personal chef. They won’t tuck you in at night and read you a story after a rough day, they’ll good game you and expect you to be stronger tomorrow.

Babysitters are forced to tolerate even the worst of demon spawn. Coaches don’t deserve, nor will they endure, a hint of attitude.

When playtime’s over, babysitters clean-up your mess, coaches don’t.

To a babysitter, why you drew on the wall matters just as much as the mural mocking them. Coaches understand that everyone fails, they’re more interested in what you’re willing to do to fix it.

Babysitters can’t fire kids.

Don’t listen to your babysitter, get a timeout. Don’t listen to your coach, get hurt.

Throw a tantrum and a babysitter may embrace you; tell you “everything’s gonna be alright.” A coach will disown you … or punch you.

Act like you’re special, better that someone or more deserving, and a great coach will tear you limb from limb. A babysitter will make you take a nap.

If you’re looking for a babysitter CrossFit isn’t for you. If you’re all grown up and willing to take responsibility for your actions, you’ll fit right in.



Coaches choice


Minute One – Pistol
Minute Two – Strict Mup (Strict pull-up or transitions)
Minute Three – Strict HSPU (super slow push-up)
5 Rounds

For time:

5-Deadlifts 185/275
5 Rounds


20 second L-sit
7 Rounds



Level 1


Coaches choice


Rope climb
*Work up the rope for 12 minutes.

For score:

15 Swings
3 Rounds


Hip mobility

Post impression and best quarterback to ever play the game, and why, to comments.


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8 Responses to “Coach or Babysitter?”

  1. Krissy says:


    Quarterbacks aren’t my thing. I’m more of a wide receiver or cornerback kinda girl!!!

  2. Julie says:

    4:18 @ 145

    I think Colin Kaepernick has a great smile and I love his tats.

  3. Holly P says:

    3:58 rx

    Payton Manning

  4. Chas says:

    Nice work 5:30!!
    Everyone crushed it in under 6:00minutes! And the work on HSPU’s and pistols are paying off!

  5. Jerry says:

    5:22 with 205# DL

    Nice job 5:30!

  6. Price says:


    Most people will say Johnny Unitas, however I nevers saw him play, so I will go with Peyton Manning. With Brett Favre a close 2nd.

  7. Eric Strohacker says:

    Great article! I’m gonna share with my athletes

  8. K.Miko says:


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