When you dodge me, I know

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When you first meet me, I come off like a shark in a tank. I don’t intend to, but I don’t try to change it either. A not so discrete way of hiding insecurity, I’d imagine.

Even so, after you spend a little time with me–for some it takes more than others–you realize that I’m desperate to fix whatever is broken. It’s the only way I find worth on this planet. And while my methods borderline medieval torture tactics and my bedside manner is about as compassionate as a civil war doctor doing amputations without painkillers, I genuinely want to fix everything … as annoying as that may be.

Once people realize this, when they feel it in their bones like pouring rain or the blustery cold, they open up like a lock finally clicking through the right combination.

In the beginning, after you start rummaging around in someones vault of secrets, everything seems normal. You make progress and see changes and enjoy the ride that started with two people being honest. Then you hit a certain skeleton, or they fall off the wagon and that vault closes, and that friend changes the combination.

I know this because I do it too.

When I feel particularly sinful, I avoid eye contact with my pastor; which sucks because he’s also a workout buddy. When it gets really bad and I hate myself as much as I hate taxes, I stop texting the group of men that help me get through life when life isn’t fun.

And for what? Why run from people when you need them the most? Why dodge the painful conversations when those are the ones we need to the most?

Friends, the best of them anyway, are meant to be annoying and in your face. They’re around when the train is falling off the tracks, not when everything is running on schedule. But if we keep dodging the very people who really want to help, eventually, they’ll stop trying.



Coaches choice


Snatch(Stall at knee)+ Snatch
*Work for 12 minutes

For score:

8-Split snatch(Alternating feet) 75/115
8-Target Jumps
8-CB Pull-ups
45-Double unders
AMRAP 18 Minutes


10-Swings AHAP
6 Rounds


Deadlift+Clean+FSQ+Jerk 155/225
AMRAP 10 minutes

Level 1


Pull-up/CB Pull-up
*Work skills for 12 minutes

“Angie’s little sister”

10 Rounds
*16 Minute limit.

Post impressions and make and model of the first car you ever owned to comments.


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9 Responses to “When you dodge me, I know”

  1. eric says:

    Great article.

  2. Julie says:

    5+18 @ 55#

    1984 Chevy Cavalier four door cherry apple red

  3. Krissy says:

    Plymouth Sundance

  4. Samurai Princess says:

    5+19 @ 55#

  5. chas says:

    Had fun with the 5amers this morning.
    We’ll miss you Sandy Gier and Mo and 10 and Jasmine. They leave tomorrow for trips that are fun and exciting. Think of us when you can:)
    Great job working on Snatches and Split Snatches.

  6. Nikki j says:

    1983 Buick Regal with an actual working CB in it!!

  7. K.Miko says:

    1992 red Pontiac grand am

  8. Sandy says:

    If I had read this post last night instead of this morning I would’ve been at 5am today.

    Chevy Monza

  9. Bursting Balloons | Practice CrossFit says:

    […] “Angie’s little sister” Compare here […]

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