Bring Jon Home!

Apr 13, 2014 17 Comments by

The US Embassy is preventing Jon from entering the country he’s called home for a decade. And without him, his wife and two little girls are suffering.

Jon’s family owns a business that he manages. He’s a regular contributor to the CrossFit community and has been for seven years. He was even on Practice CrossFit’s Regional affiliate team in 2010. When he returned to Mexico, he was under the impressions he’d be back in a week … now we’re not sure when he’s coming home.

While we fight in every way imaginable, we need your help:

Sign this petition and share it as often as possible.

Email Senator Brown here, and call the office whenever you can.

Click here to help Cassi and the family left to fend for themselves because of paperwork. Without our help, they could lose their home, their car … everything.

Sometimes we get so immersed in paperwork and policy that we end up hurting the people the rules were originally created to help. When anything gets in the way of good people getting fair treatment–terrorists, criminals or even our own government–something must change.



Coaches choice


Power clean+Clean+Jerk
Work for 12 minutes


5-Strict press AHAP
5-Stict pull-up (Add weight if possible)
Alternating OTM for 10 minutes

For time:

Power clean and jerk 105/155
AMRAP 6 minutes
*OTM perform 5 burpees




5 Rounds
*Recover 3 minutes between efforts.

Level 1


Front squat
*Work up for 15 minutes

For score:

-Air squat
3 Rounds
*One minute per station for max reps/seconds.


-Hamstring mobility

Post impression and favorite nursery rhyme to comments.


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17 Responses to “Bring Jon Home!”

  1. chas says:

    What a productive morning! The athletes at 5am came to do some work!
    From beautiful Power Cleans to aggressive clean and jerks this group worked their tales off this am.
    Sandy did 100lbs for the workout, which equates to 17 C&J in 6 minutes.
    Krissy and Michelle did 8x400m repeats before class.
    Very impressed with all the athletes this morning.

  2. Sandy says:

    Yes, that’s what I did in my dreams. in real life I did 100# power clean + clean + jerk. 2 PRs for me.

    55# strict
    16 at 75#

    Busy but another fun morning.

  3. Sandy says:

    Row row row your boat

  4. Krissy says:

    85# strict / 28RX

    Michelle and I decided to take advantage of the weather before it starts to snow again tomorrow!!!

    Surprisingly…Itsy Bitsy Spider

  5. Michelle says:

    85# / 17Rx.

  6. Robyn A. says:

    My arms where so tired I had a hard time washing my hair afterwards.

    My fav was “Ring around the rosy” until I found out it was about the bubonic plague

  7. Julie says:

    65# / 18 @ 85
    Little Jack Horner

  8. Ne-ne says:

    65# strict & weighted vest pull ups/12rx failed at least 4x on jerk

    You are my Sunshine

  9. Ashlee says:

    75# strict press/ 17@ 65#

    You are my sunshine. Believe it or not, I still sing that song to…Ty!! ;)

    • Sandy says:

      I noticed you kept adding weight to your strict press while I was struggling to get 5 at 55#. Great job!!

  10. Melissa says:

    75# strict/15rx

  11. jen w says:

    85#/16 rx

  12. nikki j says:

    100#/ 16rx

    I’m a little tea pot :)

  13. Jerry says:

    95# strict press/ 13 reps with 115#

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