Brand X Varsity Teen Gauntlet Recap

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Watching 27 Teens brave six scored Events was better than any Superbowl and more memorable than any blockbuster.

The Brand X Varsity Teen Gauntlet takes place at CrossFit affiliates all over the country. Once each and every athlete is assessed for safety and ability, they’re placed in a division and released like hungry lions to the hunt.

“I wish I could have done this at this age,” spectator Julie Berning said.

This year, The Gauntlet tested skill with free standing handstand holds and double-unders, speed and staying power with a 40-yard dash and 800-meter run combined, and experience with two classic couplets.

Athletes, some unable to drive a car, others nearly finishing high school, were examples to be proud of with competitive attitudes to applaud and emulate.

“The teens who finished first quietly moved over to the teens still going to offer words of encouragement,” CrossFitter and parent Kim McGuirk said. “No one asked them to do it, the teens know that in this setting no one leaves the floor until everyone is done.”

Throughout the entire day long Event, no-one was given a pass as no-reps dropped like beads of sweat. Without complaint, every competitor accepted their correction and kept moving. They weren’t interested in sketchy standards or gifts, they wanted to do their best and they wanted to be tested.

“Despite our age, the Gauntlet gives no mercy to the youth,” second place Varsity athlete, Presley Cruz said. “The Gauntlet is good at keeping their events varied and not giving certain athletes a better advantage.”

Cruz’s brother Garon, Gauntlet Junior Varsity competitor, agrees and adds that the Teen athletes of today may be the CrossFit champions of tomorrow.

“I think it is a pretty good predictor for the future of CrossFit because it allows people to see the younger generation in action and how some of the athletes can have a chance at going to regionals or even the games,” he said.

No one knows exactly where CrossFit will be in the years to come, but we’re positive that with Teens like this manning our next generation, it’s only going to get better.

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Coaches choice


5-Back Squat AHAP
10-Supine rows
*Alternating OTM for 10 Minutes

For score:

“Fight Gone Bad”
Compare here

Wall ball
Box Jumps 20/24
SDHP 55/75
Push Press 55/75
3 Rounds
*One minute at each station for max reps. Recover one minute between rounds.


Roll something before it hurts too much to roll it.


*Stall at the knee, work up for 15 minutes.

Level 1


Work up for 15 minutes with perfect form.

For time:



Shoulder mobility.

Post impressions and most recent kind gesture that was done to you to comments.


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19 Responses to “Brand X Varsity Teen Gauntlet Recap”

  1. Krissy says:

    5am brought their A-game this morning!!! Lots of bell-ringing ladies in the house!!

    175# BS / 294RX PR

  2. Melissa says:


  3. Michelle says:

    105# / 270 Rx PR

  4. Sandy says:

    105# BS / 177 RX PR

  5. Holly P says:

    225 BS/ 306rx pr… Next week I’m bringing my sleeping bag and camping out at PCF from the 5:30 class Mon to the 5am class Tues lol;) more sleep & less gas!!!

  6. Ne-ne says:

    95# BS


  7. jen w says:

    135#/254 rx

  8. Abby says:

    135/ 261 RX + (only on first round w/ 24 inch box)
    First time doing rebound box jumps since my knee surgery. It’s been a huge fear of mine!

  9. Karr says:

    Good job Abby!

  10. chas says:

    The 9am ladies were all that and more this morning. Angela, Jen W., Diane, Renee, Jess, Kara, Abby, Cassi and Tyrone.
    Angela did FGB for the first time RX’d! And Kara Amend did the fight for the first time ever. Most of these athletes have a family they are running at home and that is an incredible full time job. When they come in a put give it all the energy they have I marvel at their strength and how they encourage one another.
    Awesome work today.

  11. Julie says:

    105 bs / yoga was fantastic

    On my recent birthday Evan told me how pretty I looked on our way to dinner. He is officially the favorite son.

  12. Nikki j says:

    299rx pr
    175 BS

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    […] April, twenty-seven teens tackled six scored Events during the nationwide Brand X Teen Gauntlet. On October 5, 2014 the Gauntlet returns to Practice […]

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