Paleo Is Not Open to Interpretation

Mar 25, 2014 9 Comments by

Paleo is confusing.

It didn’t use to be. Once upon a time it was eat some meat and greens and don’t skimp on the avocado or nuts. Now it’s paleo-pesto and paleo-cookies and paleo-noodles.

The latest and greatest offenders continue to be paleo treats. From homespun goodies that your friend made … once, to businesses that ship all over the world, paleo treats are more confusing than calculous.

But since it’s paleo, it’s good for me, right?

Instead of a cookie that “almost” tastes like a cookie, just eat the real thing. Or better yet, nothing at all. It’s not like our body will be able to tell the difference between Nabisco sugar, and Paleo sugar. Sugar is sugar, no matter what package it comes in.

If paleo is puzzling, if you’re fat and not losing weight or weak and not getting strong, you’re doing it wrong.

Coach never said to eat paleo. Originally–specifically–he said to eat meat, nuts, seeds, vegetables, little starch and no sugar and that’s what we should do. He knew, that left open to interpretation, we’d have a million versions of the same thing.



Coaches choice


Clean+Front Squat+Jerk
Work up for 15 minutes.

For time:

10-OHS 75/115
20-Double unders
3 Rounds


80′Sled push AHAP
AMRAP 8 Minutes
*In teams of two, one partner works at a time.

Level 1


Power snatch
*Work technique for 15 minutes.

For score:

10-Box Jumps
AMRAP 10 minutes


Roll the foot.

Post impressions and best Sitcom of all time to comments.


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9 Responses to “Paleo Is Not Open to Interpretation”

  1. Chas says:

    5ers, good work on cleans. Some really good practice this morning.
    Jasmine-happy to have you. You always work hard.
    Father and son Kauflin’s were together this morning. Cam because of the m-ups:). He had to show us how they are done this morning. Good work.
    Good seeing most stay for auxiliary work!!

  2. Krissy says:

    Not as many as yesterday, but some boys decided to join in on the fun!!!

    125# complex / 8:31 (mup progressions and attempts)

  3. Michelle says:

    105# / 9:00

  4. Ashlee says:

    Great 5am as usual! Always have so much fun so early in the morning. That’s why I would invite you all to a party Krissy! Haha

    Thank you Chas for all of your time and coaching. My cleans feel much more natural!

    75# / 11:53

  5. Sandy says:

    75# / 11:01 if I remember right
    Had to switch from OHS to BS thanks to shoulder pain

  6. jen w says:

    115 / 6:40 mup progressions

  7. ShowGirl says:

    105#/6:17 mup attempts- getting better at least I’m locking out on my right side every single attempt. I still say they should count;)

  8. Holly P says:

    165# / 9:12 (2 mups/round)

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