How to get over 100 PR’s in a week

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Last week we repeated five movements; Cleans, Snatches, Jerks, Front Squats, and Back Squats. In one week, well over 100 records were set, all one rep efforts.

Now, I am not the talented mad scientist behind programming as some are. However, I do very much enjoy it and find a great deal of comfort in the reasoning behind it. However, I am first and foremost a big believer in the human doing the program not the program itself,  like I described here. Meaning that if you have the will, you will set records on even the silliest programs.

Provoking PR’s is something I think we all love. This is just some of the things we do to set the tone for record breaking weeks.

Train when tired

Life is lived tired. Not hurt or injured or damaged-tired. Since that is how we live, this is how we train. When it comes to competition, simply back it off and get less tired. It’s called peaking. You should always feel invigorated from the effort, happy, even euphoric, but generally a less than optimal is the optimal training environment. If you set records like that, think of what happens when your well rested.

Eat on the clock

It doesn’t matter  where you are or what your stomach says if your feeding time is 11 am-you eat at 11 am, no exceptions.

We usually recommend eating 2-3 times per day. The amounts may change from day today, and so may the frequency but the main things is, make a plan, and follow the plan even when it’s boring. In fact, you will forget all about boring planning when you do things you have never done before.

Train when hungry

Training when your just this side of hungry makes you a little more aware of you, your surroundings, your advantages and disadvantages. Hunters find food when they are starving because their senses are heightened. You will find a “PR” for the same reasons.

Train more than once a day

Granted not everyone did this, however what makes the “PR” total above so impressive is that about 50% of them come from veteran CrossFiters (3 years+) In fact, we have a “Darin” at our box, what do you have? He has been training for nearly his entirely life and he still managed to “PR” his Snatch(280), Clean(305), Jerk(370), Front Squat(335), and Back Squats(475) a few by thirty pounds or more.

I attribute this to working more, and working smarter. Our “Darin” and others like him workout twice a day three days a week or so. That little extra, goes a long way.


If I ever was one to toot my own horn for anything, it’s this. I have absolutely no fear of performing an intelligent experiment. I bore easily, and I love learning new things.

Once your willing to learn from men far better than yourself, then you must be willing to tweak and adjust whatever they have done, not reckless abandonment, mindful tinkering. That’s how greatness became great, and that’s how you and yours will get better also. If not, at least you have a really good plan of “what not to do”.

Do auxiliary work and mobility:

Auxiliary work and mobility are not the least bit sexy, but they work. These key items are part of the un-fun list of things that we must do in order to do the fun things. If everyday, is just warm-up, workout, go home, your cheating yourself. Try Warm-up, mobility, workout, auxiliary, mobility and see what happens.

And remember, auxiliary movements are broken down parts of the whole. For instance Snatching from the floor builds and strains the lower back. Hip extensions are a specific lower back strengthener that can leave your shoulders time to recover while working the lower back.

Use percentages

I could quote a whole mess of Russian guys much smarter than I am but I will leave that homework to you and say only this. Percentages work because they tax you on your level and at varying intensity. You can manipulate weekly parameters for multiple lifts, you can focus more on squatting, more on pulling, more on specific pieces you have issues with.

Work more intensely, not just more

It feels like PCF’s 5 years have flown by, but it also feels like we have been doing this for a long time. That being said some athletes still believe “in shape” is long duration, less effort, sweating, rolling around on the floor and whatever else constitutes working more but not really working hard.

Intense work is performing reps at higher percentages. Intense work is workouts that don’t give you time to think. Intense work is putting all you’ve got into a few key efforts, or something short and dramatic. Working for the sake of working is boring simply because you get nothing out of it. Working intensely and briefly turns into records.

Lift heavy every week as a group

Almost every Friday at 5 pm, PCFers gather to Snatch and CJ as heavy as possible. The goal is always “PR”. This looks a lot like some of the Bulgarians who were known to train with ultra heavy percentages almost daily. They did this for multiple reasons, one is to become comfortable with scary stuff.

CrossFitters need to be awesome in multiple arenas, be it light weight, heavy weight, no weight, long, short, middle, whatever. We can’t hit maximum everyday, however, weekly, now that is totally do-able. Add in cool people to do it with and you have the most important part of the entire equation-atmosphere.

Be relentless

PCF’ers coach each other while head trainers coach everyone. It’s like walking into a CrossFit Coaches Prep Course and it’s awesome. The five movements listed above are key movements we hit ALL THE TIME, and yet WE GO OVER THEM EVERY TIME. Veterans may get bored, but they get better, and newbies feel comfortable quickly. Relentless attention to detail is how a three month CrossFiter snatches near their body weight, and a veteran CrossFitter PR’s twice on the same movement in less than a week time.

At the end of the week there was much to celebrate. We de-load the following week by taking volume down by 60% or so. We keep our Calories the same to heal/gain/recover. We even have a few PCFer’s run an ungodly amount of miles, 3/6/26-all of them with nothing more than CrossFit, and they all kill it. I call that-progress.

What is your bread and butter “PR” template?


1-Split clean+1 Low hang power clean+1 Hang squat clean+1 Front squat
EOMOM 6 Minutes

“Team up”

For time


150-Wall ball
*One ball per three athlete team. Only one works at a time.


For Score

“Tag your it”

7-Box jumps 20/24
9-Push-press 65/95
AMRAP 12 minutes
*One athlete is “out”. The other two athletes are performing the movements, one athlete working at a time. Once a round is achieved, one working athlete will change places with “out” athlete.

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24 Responses to “How to get over 100 PR’s in a week”

  1. Min says:

    Last week truly was one of the most fun weeks to be in the box. Constant celebration over PRs… over and over and over. People were coming in worn out and in need of a rest day and STILL PR’d… just awesome.

    While I am slowly learning about programming, but only “PR template” I know is just to do what I’m told. I don’t always understand the method behind the madness, but I always come out better on the other end. I feel very fortunate to have a trainer that puts so much thought and study behind our programming.

    I think this week will be an interesting experiment in itself. As an athlete who’s used to doing multiple wods several days a week, coming in to do mostly skill work on this week will feel really odd, and it almost makes me feel panicky that I’m going to lose something. But I won’t mess with it and like always, I’ll trust the system and just do what I’m told.

    BTW, Shelby got her first pull ups tonight. Congratulate her next time you see her!

  2. Ryguy says:

    Sounds like a fun WOD…. and a team one at that… Way to go Shelby i knew you were getting close.

  3. Broken Housewife #1 says:

    That was a fun Wod!! Thanks for playing with me Michelle!

    Michelle & She-Ne-Ne: 4 rds + 9 reps RX

  4. RobynA says:

    Shelby/Jen A/myself

    5rds + 7reps. Was so much fun being able to work in groups. Glad this showed up during a week WOD

  5. Team Mitchell/Waite/Honeycutt says:

    Team Mitchell/Waite/Honeycutt

    8+15…severely modified due to tapering
    10# ball (which felt like nothing after using the 14 & 20!), 55# PP, non-chin-over-bar butterflies! It was fun, though!!!

  6. chas says:

    It good to see the posts. Glad it was a lot of fun for you! If you have a chance today…let Sandy, Teri and Kim know you missed them at 5am :) Matt Kauflin were are you?
    Good to have the male gender respresented by #10 this morning. He and Mo upped their weight on everything and still had high numbers. Great job!

  7. Mo says:

    Team Davis
    5:30 Karen #10 30# wb/Mo 20# wb
    7+12+ 95/115 pp, 24” bx

    I didn’t mean to guilt Chris into coming this morning, but so fun to have you as my partner. Thanks for sacrificing that extra hour of sleep to start your morning with me.

  8. jen w says:

    Angela/Cassie/Jen W

    7+18 m Karr was hot on WB!

  9. k says:

    Huge group stayed for mobility today no matter the focus. Loved it.

    Hats off to Jill B and Tamra for sacrificing a bit of their wko to be great coaches to Evie.

  10. nikki j says:

    Team Nikki: Me, Myself and I….

    60 ground to overhead (15# dumbells)
    7 V-ups
    3 Pull ups
    7 Strict Press (25# dumbells)
    12 min amrap

  11. jb says:

    Nick m, Nate and me. 5:25 then19+2. Awesome team. Great communication and fun workout.

  12. NIckA says:

    Team Anderson/Paul/Alex/Joel

    Had a great time, lost track of rounds Paul said 7, so we will go with that! Hard work from all!

  13. Presley says:

    Team Mother/Brittany Bates :)
    Not sure about the rounds but it was pretty fun

    (M) on push press, did bent over row and tried butterflies today for the first time, they were feeling good but will continue to be careful. Awesome job 5:30, way to do double the skill practice today!;)

  14. k says:

    Gotta say…great trainer teamwork tonight – all night.

    Ben P and Honeycutt…always a trip.

    Glad to see you, Joel. Thanks to your whole team for welcoming newbie Alex tonight.

    Sandy/Teri – that were some serious, I’m-gettin-my-chin-over-this-damn-bar pullup effort.

    Andrea Jones – thanks for slummin’ w me. Was fun. I’ll take those b-flys as an unexpected win.

    Scottie – you’re a trooper to come in late and do that WOD alone.

  15. ASH says:

    Did the 12 min AMRAP alone – 8+23

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