How to be Julie Foucher in four easy steps

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A CrossFit regional competition is only a small part of who we are as CrossFitters. Small, but vital. The motivation such competitions leave in their wake is priceless. Maybe none more priceless than the motivation given by one little girl over one long weekend.

I watched Julie Foucher compete this past weekend as did the rest of the Central East, and the world for that matter. I watched a girl that is an example to our sport and to athletes everywhere. A girl that we can all learn from. A girl that is motivation and clearly the talk of the town, and for good reason. “How can I be more like Julie” lingers in the air. Girl or guy, fire-breather or not, everyone can appreciate the likes of Julie Foucher. Everyone can utilize some of the same tactics to become a better CrossFitter, and a better human.

Have fun

I was lucky enough to interview Julie a while back. The thing that sticks out immediately is her schedule. She is absorbed within her profession which is not CrossFit. She is a medical student with many years of preparation left in waiting.

I would assume that the effort it takes to be an incredible CrossFitter and talented student is incredibly difficult, but I wonder if it produces a much needed form of synergy. There was always a wonderful, almost sly smile upon Julie’s face as she was competing. She was in pain and giving her all like the rest of the field, however, Julie, as opposed to a few other athletes I will refrain from naming, looked like she was still enjoying herself. To me, Julie looked like she CrossFits for fun, and the competition is just an extension. To me it seems like some folks were at work, while Julie was playing.

I would attribute this, and I could be wrong, to her daytime job. Julie seems to use CrossFit as the fun mix of competition, community, and health it was created to be. To me, the first step to becoming more like Julie Foucher is doing little more than keeping CrossFit in perspective. It needs to be a healthful release-rewarding. Once it becomes a burden and stressful-punishing.

Good coach

One of my favorite dudes is Doug Chapman. He is that mix of caring honesty that you really can’t find anywhere else. He may piss you off at times, but most likely, you needed it

Doug is Julie’s Coach and he does a splendid job with her, and all his athletes for that matter. It’s not that I think Doug, or anyone for that matter, has the market covered on the absolute best method of training. It’s that he really cares about his athletes and everything that goes into training them. A good Coach will of course be well studied, but they will also be able to read people and go beyond what they need on the workout floor. A good coach is always coaching on and off the floor.

Your version of Doug is whoever will push you when you don’t want to be pushed. It’s someone who is honest and cares for your success not their own. It’s someone who is knowledgeable of course, but also capable of wanting only the best for you. The second step in the Julie journey  is finding a smart coach that you can relate to. A coach that coaches the way you need, not necessary the way you want.

Have faith

After you take the first two steps….keep walking. Changing direction has it’s place of course, but woe to the attention deficit athletes who can’t rinse wash and most importantly, repeat.

There exists a plethora of training methods in our ever increasing CrossFit world today. I wager that some of them are better than others of course, but none of them is fool proof. More than a few can most likely be utilized for greatness, or simply progress. That is of course, if you have faith and let the effort create the results.

I’m really sorry that you were cursed with the inability to walk in a straight line for more than ten seconds, but too many people jump ship before it ever had a chance to get to buried treasure. If talking to other athletes about what they are doing, or watching it on facebook is just too much for you to stomach, then cocoon yourself up and stop tweeting. After a good Coach gives you a good plan, shut the hell up and follow it. Do not add to it. Do not take away form it. Do not become seduced by what someone else is doing.

The last time I talked to Julie, she didn’t Facebook or troll the games site looking for the next best thing. The third step to becoming more like the little girl who graceful crushed a region is having faith in your plan long enough for it bear fruit. You can’t harvest a field that you never let grow in the first place.

Efficient strength

After all that, train to be better at moving, not stronger at lifting. Strength is necessary, but strength without efficiency will be beat. Efficient strength will win every time.

Julie Foucher is a very strong girl and she is a very small girl at that. She will never be able to outdo certain humans when it comes to all out battles of raw strength, but after spending five minutes watching her WOD, its no secret that she will out last just about everyone with her addiction to proper technique.

Never neglect being strong, but never trade efficient movement for anything. Focusing on efficient movement is the fourth step in becoming a little bit more like Julie Foucher today. In the end efficiency can be the proper expression of well earned strength. Without both in your wheelhouse, everything just feels a lot heavier.

I’m sure that there is much more to the number one girl in the Central East, but I am not so sure we need to get all crazy exotic about our efforts to get better at our version of CrossFit. It’s more about the little things, those things that athletes like Julie, seem to have mastered, opening bigger doors to victory.

Congrats Julie.


*Within 10 Minutes, find your unbroken (12) rep max

Push Press
*Within 10 Minutes, find your unbroken (12) rep max

Back Squat
*Within 10 Minutes, find your unbroken (12) rep max

For time:

*every 100m, perform 20 Double Unders.

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27 Responses to “How to be Julie Foucher in four easy steps”

  1. Sammy says:

    I am going to watch Avengers on Thursday at 8:00 in Piqua if anyone is interested. The wife does not want to see it.

  2. Presley says:

    Thank you for this post!!! I was able to meet her and she just seems like the chillest person ever. And still be able to keep a crossfit career and be a great student. She is the person I am going to try to shoot to be.

  3. k says:

    An amazing specimen of human performance to say the least.

    Amen to power and efficiency. Period. Julie is a beautiful Oly lifter – enviably quick and consistent. Though I appreciated (and sorta smirked about) her quite strict m-ups…that she still knocked out consecutively.

    Strength – I’m always stunned by the strength she delivers in movements like that heavy DL – again for many consecutive reps – despite a leaner physique than many of her peers.

    And her demeanor is always so serene….so focused.

    I’ve had the pleasure of competing next to Julie in friendly local competitions and always thought, “Wow, she makes it look so effortless…how deep her pain cave must be…why?..what’s the secret?” But watching her up close through the break in the media bars as she gutted through the burpee bjs of wod6 on Sun made her human. There was no pleasure at all on that woman’s face – she was fighting hard that voice screaming “Stop!” Legs being dragged under her. Knees buckling on the box. Wow-the inspiration of her fight brought legit tears streaming down my face. THAT’s what really wanting it is all about. While it didn’t seem to help me much on Chief this eve, I hope to allow that image to haunt me to betterment.

  4. runmelrun says:


  5. Nikki j says:

    185/95/155/ 8:40.

  6. Shelly says:

    235/95/- 9:08 m singles

  7. michelle says:

    155/80/115/7:46 (m – 40 singles each)

  8. Mallory says:

    Nice post, but she is a woman, not a “girl”…

  9. Carrie says:

    8:43 M

  10. Krissy says:


  11. jen w says:

    85# pp; 7:34 wod

  12. heather says:


  13. Mo says:

    failed on 12th rep of 105 pp ugh

  14. ASH says:

    155 deadlift/ no push press/ 8:09 (did 5 triple unders instead of doubles)

  15. Lori :) says:

    WOD 8:37

  16. Sammy says:

    245 DL
    135 PP
    155 front squat
    4:42 WOD

    Impresive weights above ladies. Did any guys WOD today, or just scared to post with the massive women weigts?

  17. jb says:

    Off day for me Sammy, otherwise I would post as always…

  18. k says:

    Deb Alexander…thanks for pushin’ me on weight tonight…and showin’ me up on pp. grr. And congrats on your 58 DUs. They’re comin!

  19. Ben P. says:

    Just to make you feel better about more guys posting :-)

    315 DL
    155 PP
    SQ -. stopped 1/2 way through 1st set bc of tight back.
    9:14 on WOD.

  20. Sammy says:

    Nice Ben. That’s some big weight, great job!

  21. Min says:


    Not nearly enough warm up time for me this round… would like to try deadlift a bit heavier to keep up with you beasts

  22. Dana says:


  23. ASH says:

    Mo, I’ve been practicing my triples so at first they were not consec but after the first 2 sets I was doing 3 consec and once I did all 5. It’s just hard when you feel like you are about to wet your pants! :)

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