There is no spoon

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In the first installment of the Matrix, our savior Neo sits innocently with a young monk twisting a spoon to the will of his mind. Our holier than though child says to the future, albeit doubt filled, savior “Don’t try to bend a spoon, that’s impossible, instead realize the truth. The truth is, there is no spoon, it is you who bends”.

I doubt I am the only one walking the earth trying to bend spoons when I should be the one bending. If honesty is truly our mantra, most of us would do well to admit that amateur confidence is the best we can deliver in daily situations. Amateur confidence that allows self doubt to control us.


Life will make itself known in the most vibrant ways. Sometimes we think it feels like love, sometimes we feels hate. It’s those times when gentle kisses become knockout punches that we remember most. When some of us are believed to be hit, we chose to go down never to stand up again, we become a whirlpool of despair sucking everyone who will listen into the turmoil with us. Somehow suffering is better if shared. Others, the amateurs, do something different entirely.

For years I have regarded strength of will and perseverance as an attribute the world over would do well to practice. In sketchy or fearful situations some of us, including me, dig deep trusting in our abilities, strengths, and will power. We formulate an attack and we confront the situation whatever it may be. As admirable as this is, it’s missing the point entirely. Its focusing on the spoon.


I have no clue what “professional” means when it comes to spoon bending, and not spoon bending. I do know that for a very long time I sought out an adversary, a protagonist to focus my hostility towards, my very own Sheriff Nottingham to my Robin Hood persona I always dreamed to be.

Projection, or transference feels good. It’s when we take whats inside us, and throw it onto someone else. It makes me happy to focus my contempt at a policy, a government, a person or action, but it doesn’t make me confident. It makes me fake, it makes me exhausted bending spoons all the time.

Confidence is not in things, or built by bolstering hate or triumph against an opposition. Confidence is an eternal state of mind awarded to those who realized long ago, there is no spoon.

If I truly knew how to be eternally confident in every situation, truly confident, I believe I would dissolve enlightened into the landscape. I don’t have near the amount of answers I would like to, but I am very sure true confidence has no second guesses, and I am very sure second guessing only comes from those times we choose to go the opposite way of where our moral compass is pointing.

If we have to have a focal point to fight or reference to hate, then there really isn’t confidence. There is only self doubt parading as arrogance. Often it feels so much sweeter to stand firmly against something in front of us, than to kill that something within us.

If you keep bending spoons you keep creating others to come right behind you trying to bend them back. Once we commit to align every action to every ounce of our moral code, we eliminate all doubt keeping us prisoner, we finally become free to see the truth…. and truth is, there is no spoon.


1-Power snatch+1-Hang squat snatch+1-Squat snatch @ 70%1rm snatch
*Every forty five seconds
7 Rounds

For Score:


11-Chest to bar Pull-ups
2-Deadlifts 225/315
10-Hand stand push-ups
AMRAP 25 Minutes

Post impressions to comments.

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14 Responses to “There is no spoon”

  1. runmelrun says:

    Nice job today mo and ten!

  2. Krissy says:

    4+8(m) 3 rds @ 225# then lowered to 185 for 2 rds of DL.

  3. vicki says:

    8 + 16(m) reg pullups, 145#DL’s, reg push ups

  4. Carrie says:

    4+12 M

  5. Nikki j says:

    Good to be back at 5:00am!!! :)

  6. michelle says:

    5 + 12 (m)

  7. jen w says:

    4 + 3 m with heavy box squat instead of DL

  8. Lori :) says:


  9. Dana says:

    4 (m) for 163#, 6 C2B, & 5 HSPU per round, then went to DLs + HSPUs only, after my right hand ripped pretty badly (1 attempt after that before I stopped the C2Bs…)

  10. K.MIKO. says:

    6+2 (m=deads)

  11. Shelly says:

    7 + 6 (m)

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