Burn the $%#*ing blanket

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Kids today (I never thought I would start a sentence like that)…kids today have it much harder than any and every generation before them. They are bombarded with poisonous snacks and fake foods, they have super cool video games that allow you to play against people all over the world, and….their cartoons suck.

At least when I was growing up (never thought I would start a sentence that way either) we had Dark-wing Duck, Animaniacs, Tiny-toons and Batman after school, my favorite of course The Simpsons in the evening,¬† and the X-men on Saturday mornings. Today kids have Batman, but he’s more campy 70′s Douche than heroic crime-fighter. Today kids have monkeys for gym partners, and shows that aren’t really cartoons meant to excite the imagination, they are more reality soap opera’s for children with real people. The whole point was to escape the reality of becoming like adults, not to watch other kids be kids on TV, or worse yet, watch adults try to appeal to kids….worst TV ever. And of course, today, there is no real Charlie Brown in sight.

I hated Linus when I was growing up. Charlie Brown was no gem either, but Linus really got me as pissed off as a pre-teen could get. When I was young I just couldn’t “Peanuts” or what Schulz was teaching. I always wanted to kick that little shit Linus in the teeth when he sucked on his thumb and carried that stupid blanket everywhere. Somehow when Linus appeared on screen faintly resembling the same age as me, anger arose deep within and I shouted, “Put the blanket down you cry baby, can’t you see the adults are watching. Can’t you see you are making us all look bad.” Huh, even as a kid I wanted the adults to treat em like they treated each other. Today, I damn sure don’t want that, today I would rather be a kid.

It’s years later and I still can’t stand the way Charlie Brown never really succeeded at anything, and I brood over his eternal hope that I usually find synonymous with fear. But you have to give it up for Charlie Brown and his never ending ability to stand on the mound and stare down defeat, always trying for something better, always looking to the future, somehow always forgetting the past.

It wasn’t until much later that I caught the cuteness in Brown’s little buddy Linus. How Linus used his intellect as a weapon to confuse his bullish sister Lucy, winning battles without ever throwing a punch, how he quoted the gospel and waited for that damn pumpkin even though there was often no reason why he should…how he kept the faith without the proof.

But still, even when one of my favorite authors, Ann Lamott, commends the little thumb sucker, I can’t stand that damn blanket, somehow it kills the his belief system, it destroys his faith. To me, that blanket takes the beauty out of the boy. That blanket Linus could not set down looks a lot like the person we will not leave behind while we claim to have faith in the person we might one day become…I hated him for that blanket and apparently so did¬†Schulz, his creator. Linus eventually gave up his blanket, and his thumb sucking saying, “it’s a good thumb, but not a great thumb”. Sounds kinda like that decision time in our lives where we can chose to carry old habits with us, or we can stop sucking and burn that $%&*ing blanket.

Some of us call our blankets husband or wife and are physically and mentally unable to function without them. Its blessed to utterly love and cherish another, it cursed to be unable to survive without your umbilical cord attached to the next warm body.

Sometimes that blanket is the back row church pew. Its the security of the covered darkness in the rear, when all along we need the warmth the light provides in the front row.

Maybe you really don’t see that the very CrossFit community you love so much is holding you back. Not in it’s entirety of course, but by the partner you bring with you or have developed a relationship with. Your so intent on their success and happiness that somehow you forget of your own. Your blanket can easily become the person next to you that you are afraid of leaving behind if you focus on whats holding you back. You mutilate the buddy system by forgetting that workout partners aren’t blankets covering up imperfections, they are tools that hold each other ultimately accountable to being better humans.

Your silly ass blue blanket is your job and you know it. You keep your talent suffocated by throwing that blanket of “profession” over something you were not meant to do. We were meant to shout naked in front of the world without the fear of what others may think. Without their opinions weighing you down. We are only to be damned when we cover up, not when we show our true colors. We are more than the expensive cotton wrapped over our shoulder, pretty colors on a skirt, designer shoes, or fancy wheels on a street……we are everything underneath, we are every action in our lives, we are every feeling in our hearts. We are all this, and we still cover it with a blanket of what we cannot give up.

If some silly carton character with an oral fixation can set down his security blanket and stop sucking after 50 some years then so can we. Hell I wager if we would truly open our eyes we would never cocoon ourselves off again. Not only because of the beauty we are selfishly withholding, but for the beauty we are missing.

Burn it all……the security of a job, the “luxuries” of life you and I both know we don’t need, the relationships that have become more excuse than salvation, %$#&ing burn everything that looks like the old you that was comfortable. Once and for all, give the new you something fresh to grow out of, instead of the re-toiled pot. Stop covering up and and preventing the world from receiving the gifts you have to offer, in truth, they were never really yours anyway. Your gifts are mine, my gifts are yours, and if you don’t burn your $%#@ing blanket, someone may come along and burn it with you still in it.


Strict pull-up
5xmax reps
(Change grips frequently, and scale to chest to bar strict pull-ups if your first set is usually 20 reps or higher)

Floor Press
(Change grips from wide to close to regular)

For Time:

7-Thrusters 75/115
7-Right arm DB snatches 35/55
28-Double Unders
7-Left arm DB snatches 35/55
28-Double Unders
3 Rounds

Post impression and time to comments.

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13 Responses to “Burn the $%#*ing blanket”

  1. Mo says:

    22 strict pu wide, close, switch etc.
    95/115 different flr press grips
    8:57 wod

  2. runmelrun says:

    ~17 strict pull ups I think…got confused with all the different grips, but watching Heather do the chipmunk was my fav :)

    95 fl presses – interesting that narrow was easier for pullups but wide was easier for presses


  3. heather says:

    19 strict pull-ups… yes Mitchell, the different grips were interesting and we certainly had fun with it!!! :)

    never attempted a max of any sort on floor presses so I worked up to a 3 RM – 135 lbs.


  4. Renee says:

    16 strict pu’s
    11:11 m: db hpc instead of 1 arm snatches
    du took me too long;(

  5. ASH says:

    23 strict pull ups

    6:13 wod

  6. Connor says:

    7:35 w/ 70lb bell

    Bummed I missed yah guys tonight catch you tomorrow:)

  7. Krissy says:

    5 strict pull ups (1st ever!!!!!)
    115 floor press
    Fun 6:30 tonight!!!

  8. Shelly says:

    Almost a strict pull up with a band, that is big progress for me.
    95# floor press
    7:34 (m) Mountain climbers
    6:30 was fun!
    Nice working with you Heather!!

  9. Michael A Thomas says:

    Wow, amazing post today and a message that needs shared with all the youth of today. As a 48 yo male in America working for the man it makes me wonder what if – what if I burned the blanket, shouted naked on the street corner, and jjust followed my true passion. Reality is that most of us work for another and very few have the courage to follow what their heart tells them to. The land of opportunity is fille dwith nay sayers and people that press us down with their thumbs. It is time that I personally clear the clutter – burn the blanket – an dwho knows maybe even cut the cord. Thanks for a great post.

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