Is Reading Too Much Bad For Kids?

Apr 19, 2014 2 Comments by

Read more! I’ve yet to meet someone who wouldn’t benefit from that advice. Yet the article below begs the question: is there too much of a great thing? The following is stolen form here: My wife and I have a 7-year-old who reads the way a chain-smoker smokes. He can put on a soccer uniform […]

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Kendra Can – from CrossFit HQ

Apr 18, 2014 No Comments by

Some gym bags are filled with shoes, wraps and belts: Kendra Bailey’s is filled with customized equipment that keeps her CrossFitting. Bailey was born without her left arm just below the elbow. She doesn’t let her stop her. “We’ve failed a lot of lifts … you keep trying until find something that works.” – Kendra  […]

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In Your Words: Nikki

Apr 17, 2014 13 Comments

Over the three years Nikki has been CrossFitting, she’s competed in several local throw-downs, a few Open seasons, and even a Figure show.  And it feels like she’s just getting started.” “It pushes me further than I would push myself … or further than I ever thought I could go.” – Nikki   Warm-up: Coaches choice Strength: […]

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Battle of the Ages 2014

Apr 16, 2014 8 Comments

Last week, we softly released the second annual Battle of the Ages with great success. Now, one week later and several spots of every division spoken for, it’s time to give everyone a shot to register before it sells out. The one day challenge has three divisions; Teen (13-17), Open and Masters (45 and up). […]

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When you dodge me, I know

Apr 15, 2014 8 Comments

When you first meet me, I come off like a shark in a tank. I don’t intend to, but I don’t try to change it either. A not so discrete way of hiding insecurity, I’d imagine. Even so, after you spend a little time with me–for some it takes more than others–you realize that I’m […]

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Brand X Varsity Teen Gauntlet Recap

Apr 14, 2014 17 Comments

Watching 27 Teens brave six scored Events was better than any Superbowl and more memorable than any blockbuster. The Brand X Varsity Teen Gauntlet takes place at CrossFit affiliates all over the country. Once each and every athlete is assessed for safety and ability, they’re placed in a division and released like hungry lions to […]

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Bring Jon Home!

Apr 13, 2014 17 Comments

The US Embassy is preventing Jon from entering the country he’s called home for a decade. And without him, his wife and two little girls are suffering. Jon’s family owns a business that he manages. He’s a regular contributor to the CrossFit community and has been for seven years. He was even on Practice CrossFit’s […]

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Providing eyes for another – from Air Force Live

Apr 12, 2014 No Comments

Running a triathlon is an admirable achievement. Running the same triathlon blind, is a story for the history book. The following is stolen from Air Force Live. The rope cinched tightly around my waist. Patricia Walsh, a paratriathlete, clung to my elbow entrusting me, not only with her life, but also the end result of the […]

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CrossFit and Autism: Walking out With a Smile – from CrossFit HQ

Apr 11, 2014 No Comments

Sometime ago, Brian Costello’s brother was diagnosed with autism. Today, Brian is working through the developmental disorder with CrossFit. “They didn’t reject the hard work. … They seemed to embrace it a little,” he said. The program is still young, but this is the sort of work we could all take part in. Great job […]

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In Your Words: Robyn

Apr 10, 2014 11 Comments

Robyn has been CrossFitting for two years, with her husband Nick and two children. “I feel like it has brought us closer as a family and as husband and wife,” she said. Beyond the workout floor, Robyn works hard to help with every charity we have, as well as Events meant to stimulate the community. […]

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