I’m Going To Fail You …

Dec 21, 2014 1 Comment by

I’m going to fail you … I’ve failed so often I can say it’s a guarantee. Like breathing and taxes and dying, it’s inevitable. Like my dad failed me, like my mom and my dark-haired friend and that teacher when I was eight, I’m going to let you down. It’s not an excuse. I don’t […]

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How Low-Cost Gyms Like Planet Fitness Psychologically Manipulate Members – from UPROXX

Dec 20, 2014 No Comments by

If CrossFit never happened. If we’d never opened thousands of affiliates in dingy warehouses around the globe. If we’d never thrusterd. Fitness would be doomed. The following is from UPROXX. There’s an absolutely fascinating episode of the Planet Money podcast up on NPR now (or subscribe via iTunes) about the tactics that low-cost gyms use […]

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Riding the Trail to Confidence – from CrossFit HQ

Dec 19, 2014 No Comments

Fifty-eight-year-old Kevin Littwin started riding dirt bikes as a senior. He started CrossFit shortly after. “I went from 14th place finishes to 5th place finishes,” he said. “The difference has been astounding.” Littwin says his mobility wasn’t the greatest, but since starting CrossFit he can finally get his palms on the floor. Not to mention he’s […]

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In Your Words: Evan

Dec 18, 2014 1 Comment

For Evan, it’s the pull-up that makes CrossFit extra challenging. Thankfully, CrossFit isn’t all kipping and calisthenics. There’s snatching and squatting and throwing and much more. There’s something for everyone to excel at and something for everyone to struggle with. That’s why we enjoy it so much. If it was easy, it would be boring.   […]

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PCF Kids Corner: 5 tips to stay sharp over the Christmas break

Dec 17, 2014 1 Comment

When you’re a kid the most exciting time of year is Christmas break. Two weeks of no alarm clocks, no homework … no teachers. Like a dog waits for his owner to throw that stupid stick, you linger, drooling. You even get presents for doing nothing. However, taking a two week break from anything remotely educational takes […]

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Get Into Giving 2014 – Make Someone’s Christmas Special

Dec 16, 2014 No Comments

It doesn’t take much to make someone’s day. The following is authored by Cindy Young. When I was a kid, I believed if I wished hard enough, there would be presents under our tree when I woke up. And there were: Unexpected treasures for me and my sisters. What I didn’t know, was those presents […]

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CrossFit Cures When We Let It …

Dec 15, 2014 1 Comment

Once I saw CrossFit bring back a soul from the brink of suicide. Many times I’ve seen it repair the wounded like a mechanic tunes a Formula One Racer. It strengthens muscles and mind. It constantly awakens those lulled by a life of average. But even CrossFit has limits. I’ve heard it compared to marriage. […]

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2014 Black Swamp Winter Open Recap

Dec 14, 2014 4 Comments

There’s nothing like competitive weightlifting. Barbells clanging like ancient wind chimes; trilling to the whim of a muscular musicians. Round rainbows that come in kilos, look like toys and feel like tons. Rookie eyes lighting up like diamonds to match their first three white lights. At once, weightlifting is motivating, devastating, inspiring and passionate. And […]

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Finding Purpose Through CrossFit – from CrossFit HQ

Dec 13, 2014 No Comments

Cogen Nelson is a Marine, twice deployed and wounded in battle. He’s living with post-traumatic stress disorder. “You have this feeling of guilt,” he said. “You have this feeling of, ‘Can I live with some of the decisions I’ve made?’” Today he owns an affiliate and says CrossFit is better than any medication. “CrossFit saved […]

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Today I Stopped Caring – from NYC Fire Wire

Dec 12, 2014 No Comments

Police officers aren’t perfect. Neither are civilians. The following is from The NYC Fire Wire: Today, I stopped caring about my fellow man. I stopped caring about my community, my neighbors, and those I serve. I stopped caring today because a once noble profession has become despised, hated, distrusted, and mostly unwanted. I stopped caring today […]

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