I Wanted To Be A Superhero So I Became A Trainer

Oct 20, 2014 1 Comment by

I never wanted to be a trainer. Superhero; yes, then Marine and fireman and even a politician when I was 10, but never a trainer. I thought trainers were whores. Shills who stole money from honest folks who needed to put down the fork and sweat more. A man named Skip changed all that. Skip […]

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Forever Young

Oct 19, 2014 3 Comments by

Forty-five minutes into a conversation I didn’t want to have, my friend diagnosed me. Delayed adolescence he called it, and you’ve got it bad he said. Do you know what that is because I didn’t? I had to Google it. Turns out it’s a lot of things: Living with your parents until your 40 is […]

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The Death Of Expertise – from The Federalist

Oct 18, 2014 No Comments

It’s planet Wikipedia, where you can’t tell anyone anything and everyone’s an expert. The following is from The Federalist. I am (or at least think I am) an expert. Not on everything, but in a particular area of human knowledge, specifically social science and public policy. When I say something on those subjects, I expect […]

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Can We Auto-Correct Humanity

Oct 17, 2014 No Comments

Instead of whipping out your phone every time something cool happens, the clip above says, just watch. Enough constant liking and speaking in fractured english. Enough living through status updates and hashtags and shares. Try being aware; present. “You used to be much more…muchier,” Carroll said. “You’ve lost your muchness.” Carroll didn’t have all the distractions […]

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In Your Words: Teen Gauntlet Edition

Oct 16, 2014 2 Comments

Recently, we gathered up our Teen CrossFit athletes for the Gauntlet, an ongoing nationwide fitness challenge. For Ernie’s son, Caye, it was his first throw-down. “He’s really excited to move into the Teens class,” Ernie said. Getting on the workout floor with a judge counting and the crowd screaming is a priceless wake-up call. Something […]

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PCF Kids Corner: Halloween

Oct 15, 2014 2 Comments

Halloween is frightening stories and scary movies, costumes and creepiness and treats. A way for us all to become someone we’re not. For years we’ve been bringing the screams back to one of the most fun holidays, while leaving the candy out. In the clip above, Mindy has a few ideas to make Halloween healthy, and exactly where […]

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CrossFit For At-risk Youth

Oct 14, 2014 1 Comment

It’s called “Beat the Streets” and it’s happening in less than two weeks. It doesn’t take much, a fraction of a morning, the intensity of a single workout, a generous soul. All things CrossFit athletes have proven capable of time and time again. Register or donate here, or just show up October 25, at 9 a.m. […]

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2014 Friendship Master’s Recap

Oct 13, 2014 5 Comments

You could feel the damp Ohio morning creep into your soul as the first teams took the floor at The Friendship Master’s Challenge. A chilled and dismal dark that made experienced bones creak and well-used tendons tighten like handcuffs. At first you notice just how different an all masters shin-dig really is. The way ultra-experianced athletes […]

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Picture Perfect: Why Camille’s Pics Are Just Fine

Oct 12, 2014 2 Comments

Even LAX is a graveyard at four o’clock in the morning; nothing but zombies in suits, weary security guards and the smell of Starbucks brewing in every terminal. And me, of course, amped out of my mind, fresh off a week working the 2014 CrossFit Games. In an ample airport chair, a few hours after the […]

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Oct 11, 2014 1 Comment

For Fight Club’s 15th anniversary, I read the novel … again. And maybe I’m smarter, madder or crazier, but it gets better every single time. The essay below is more about Fincher’s movie, a masterpiece in its own right, and how its basic themes are more critical today than 1999–the best year in movies ever. […]

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