A “Fed Up” Review

Sep 23, 2014 No Comments by

In 1966 Big Tobacco put warning labels on cigarettes. “Caution – Cigarette smoking my be hazardous to your heath.” It should have ended there but it didn’t. Today, our nation taxes Big Tobacco to death while forcing them to pay for anti-smoking campaigns. Eventually, cigarettes will be illegal and the product that America was built […]

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Big Ticket Items

Sep 22, 2014 2 Comments by

One-hundred bucks a line. That’s what it will cost you in Tennessee if a cop catches you driving straight through a parking lot. Either park, drive within the isles, or pay the price. I payed $300 to learn that lesson the first time; five-hundred the second. Country folk, apparently, are as serious about their parking […]

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The Greatest Gift Of All

Sep 21, 2014 6 Comments

She knew her reps were bad and that should have been enough. It’s a rep, not a negotiation. “I’m a horrible pusher-upper,” she said pulling herself from the floor. “I hope you won’t count those as RX,” I said. I’ve seen that look before. Part plotting murder, part thinking of something, anything hurtful to say […]

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Dorian Yates – Steroids Use | London Real

Sep 20, 2014 1 Comment

Six time Mr. Olympia, Dorian Yates, took a mess of drugs in his day. He retired from bodybuilding in 1997 and is totally fine today. Something the mainstream media would say is impossible. In the clip above, Yates compares and contrasts the so-called “side effects” of performance enhancing hormones. At best, he said, they weren’t even […]

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The Teen Gauntlet is Near!

Sep 19, 2014 No Comments

The Natives are getting restless! If, of course, by Natives you mean Teen CrossFitters and by restless you mean endless practice for the Teen Gauntlet October 5, 2014. Last April, 26 athletes threw down at Practice CrossFit in a nationwide fitness challenge just for them. Register here to see how you’ve improved or to test […]

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In Your Words: Jill B

Sep 18, 2014 2 Comments

Jill started CrossFit seven years ago, soon after her husband, Scott. “I like the variety and the people,” she said about the program she’s stuck with. Jill has three daughters, a host of weekly obligations and a 300-pound deadlift. She was CrossFit before CrossFit was cool and we’re very happy to have her with us. […]

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PCF Kids Corner: Beat the Streets 2014

Sep 17, 2014 1 Comment

“Imagine a country where kids grow up valuing fitness and nutrition, where youth from disadvantaged backgrounds are given the opportunity to improve their health, fitness, and personal development. Teens from tough neighborhoods and difficult family lives choose to be involved in fitness, sports, and other positive outlets instead of drugs, gangs, and violence.” – Steve’s […]

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Intensity Is …

Sep 16, 2014 3 Comments

Intensity is confusing. In the Golden Age, back when Arnold fought aliens and Rocky fought communists, intensity was “no pain, no gain.” If you didn’t out curl, out bench or out squat everyone in the gym, you weren’t intense. Today we’re smarter … kinda. Intensity is exactly equal to power, as Coach said, but it’s […]

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Paleo with a Purpose: 3 Things To Do Post Paleo Challenge

Sep 15, 2014 3 Comments

Paleo challenges do different things for different people. Some learn that Paleo isn’t near as difficult as they imagined it would be and that eating well means performing better. Others learn that paleo isn’t like living in a bubble; you can still invite friends over for cookouts and find something good to eat on just […]

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Look Around

Sep 14, 2014 5 Comments

Several weeks ago, I caught a clean wrong and haven’t been right since. I can’t hold a frying pan in my left hand, much less toss 300-pounds over head. Frustrating isn’t the word. Infuriating is. I’m no rookie crybaby, though. I’ve been seriously lifting and training and dealing with injury for 15-years. I’ve had pain […]

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